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Open 7 days a week Florida Location

Mon - Thursday   11:00am  -  10pm


Friday/Saturday   11:00am  -  11pm


Sunday    12pm - 9pm

New York Style Pizza

Fresh from the oven waiting for you

Sandwiches and Wings

Homemade sauces and secret spices

Specials and Salads

Visit for something new daily!

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What can we say?  We are Pizza fanatics.  That about sums up who we  are.  You will notice this the moment you take your first bite of our amazing Pizza's. From Traditional crispy thin New York pizza's to gourmet pizzas featuring Goat Cheese and other untraditional yet flavorful combinations, there is something for everyone.  And, our cheese is the best quality Mozzerella Real cheese.  Not a mix of cheeses made to look like Mozzerella. How some of  these Pizzerias out there get away with putting synthetic cheeses on their so called Pizza's is anyones guess.  Your taste buds will tell you immediately that our cheese is the real thing.  


Our extra large Pizza is a real extra large.  A full 24 inches. You dont normally find this size Pizza outside of New York City.  But we wouldnt be Manhattan Chicago Pizza if we didnt stay true to our name.  And our  slices of Pizza are huge because we serve slices from our 24 inch pie.  Other Pizzerias call an 18" pizza an extra large Pizza.  Dont be misled by others.


And then there is our Chicago Deep Dish pizzas.  These arent your chain store so called deep dish pizzas, these are the real McCoy.  You have to eat these with a fork and  knife. They are that Deep.  Filled with the best Cheese and ingredients.  If you know Chicago Pizza, you will certainly be happy you found us.


Ok, so now you know that we are Pizza fanatics.  But we dont stop there, get the best Pasta's, Salads, Sandwiches and our amazing and Famous garlic rolls too.  And lets not forget our Chicken Wings.  These are not fried.  These are baked in our 480 degree oven. So crispy, you wont see a difference from fried wings, except they are much  healthier than their fried counterparts.  Indulge yourself with our wide selection of fantastic food alternatives, all at prices that will put a smile on your face.  Pizza is just the beginning!


There is something for everyone.  We invite you to enjoy everything on our menu.  And we thank you for trying Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria.   We will never knowingly disappoint you and will do everything in our power to keep you coming back.


And dont let us forget our knowledgable and friendly staff who are always eager to help you. From our wait staff to our delivery drivers, who make sure to get your order to your door hot and ready to eat in the comfort of your home.





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