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The best of both worlds. Thats what you get at Manhattan and Chicago Pizzeria!


Miami has needed for years, a place to go to get the best New York style pizza, an authentic New York pizza, not what these National Chain pizzerias call pizza.

And, we thought about it, why not also have in the same Pizzeria, the best deep dish Chicago style pizza as well.  And thats what we created.  A pizzeria dedicated to the best of both styles of pizza. So that everyone in your home can enjoy the type of pizza they love. Be it from New York, or Chicago!

We use the freshest ingredients. Fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, not processed cheeses.  We use fresh vegetables and meats.  Its always going to be the best you can eat.

Also, try our great sandwiches, chicken wings, garlic rolls, and salads.  There is something for everyone at our Pizzeria.  We are confident you will love our food.   Available for eat in, take out, and delivery.

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